Even when a mobile offers various extra features the most important aspect to be considered is the basic feature of commuication through the handset. Samsung Galaxy offers excellent call quality with all the features offered by any premium Smartphone. With the larger handset, the calling system has improved much in the Galaxy tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S is a smartphone that also has excellent messaging options. All the available options like Instant messaging through Google talk, SMS, MMS, webmail and email exchanges are supported by this smartphone. Using email with a galaxy tablet is simple and easy as just entering the details gives access to the account and does not require cumbersome processes like entering port numbers to get connected.

The internet browser on a Samsung Galaxy is one of the best that can be seen in the Smartphone market. The Smartphone offers a huge variety of functionality and has an excellent speed while loading a webpage over networks working on both Wi-Fi and 3G. Samsung Galaxy S helps you keep in touch with the world through its easily accessible Social networking applications. The handset offers features for updating the Facebook and Twitter status very easily and fast. The size of the keyboard of the Galaxy tablet also makes typing easier with good accuracy and an inbuilt dictionary. The handset also offers a functionality called Swype, which makes typing easier as it connects the letters and creates words on sliding the finger over the keyboard, making it easy to use the Smartphone with just one hand. The galaxy tablet also gives a very useful option for adjusting brightness of a webpage from the browser menu.

Samsung Galaxy also has an application for reading digital books online called Aldiko eBook which makes reading a real pleasure with the big screen.


The Samsung Galaxy S was launched in the market as a direct competitor to the iPhone 4. This Android OS 2.1 Éclair Smartphone was a SUPER AMOLED 4-inch screen competes with the cool Retina display and iOS 4 of the iPhone 4. What separates these two giants and who is the number one is a question that will take us a long time to answer as both companies will launch sleeker and better phones soon.

As of now let us compare the two phones and find who the best is:

The display – the S-AMOLED versus the Retina Display

The iPhone offers 640×960 pixels, 3.5 inch Retina display which is spectacular. The screen has a glass, scratch resistant cover that adds to its beauty.

On the other hand, the Super AMOLED 480×800 pixel, 4 inch screen is massive and the features are smart. It will not be wrong to say that this is one of the best displays that are available on an Android Smartphone.

The camera

The Samsung Galaxy S has a 5 megapixel camera on the back, but it lacks a flash and an anti-shake filter making it not at par when you want to shoot pictures in bad light.

On the other hand the iPhone has a 5 Megapixel camera on the back and a VGA camera in the front that is ideal for self-portrait. If you like your phone cameras this is an alluring feature.

Processor and OS

Both the mobiles have a 1 GHz processor built in almost the same framework. As far is OS is concerned Android 2.1 or 2.2 with Samsung TouchWiz UI overlaid offers you multitasking, flash and several homescreens. The iPhone has all these features and offers a lot more applications. Browsing the web on a Galaxy S is a cakewalk and hopefully it will catch up soon with the Apple’s App Stores!

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review

December 10, 2010

Samsung has launched the new Galaxy Tablet, which enhances your video experience to its fullest. With full HD display, play your favorite music videos and movies on a 7 inch wide touch screen! Yes, Samsung galaxy tablet is all one can have for with best media options.

A few years ago, Samsung preferred a backseat in its phone models with almost no innovative changes and advancement. Once, it has landed in the market again, seems like there is no turning back from the top rank holders among product and sale market. Let catch some most exclusive features of Samsung galaxy tablet first. This digital experience doesn’t disappoint you on hardware basis anywhere. It has 4000 Ah battery, which is designed to keep the tablet running with high Definition video playbacks. The second point is storage, which Samsung Galaxy Tablet has excelled again. There are 16GB and 32 GB options available. All users aren’t used to less space feature in most phones. This galaxy tablet is designed according to the needs of its users to keep videos, audios and other files. If they HD, it will take even more space after converting them to the suitable formats. Hence, you can also extend your phone external memory up to 32 GB with a micro SD slot.

There are 30 pin in a dock connector for HDMI, USB and other docking requirements, for example car dock. There is a Bluetooth given with the tablet for attending phone calls. After this, you might be wondering about its weight. This galaxy tablet weighs only 380 grams. This Samsung galaxy tablet is no less than a mini notebook and its advanced features excel any other tablet’s specifications. While looking at the display you won’t be feeling too much weight on your hands as the sideways are curved, smooth and sleeker.